VTuber Model Commission Info

Commission slot information will be announced on Twitter. I respond fastest via Twitter DMs.

Current Status: CLOSED

Commissions are not first come first serve. I will look at all the applications and then decide which ones I want to work on. For people who are willing to wait, I'll also open waitlist.

Starting Prices

Half-Body $2000
Full-Body $2500

Illustration only, this does NOT include rigging, I do not rig!
Comissions will be delivered in PSD file format that is ready to be rigged in Live2D cubism.
5 expression stickers/assets of your choice included!

Additional Costs

★ Design complexity $50-$500
★ Hand, arm animation assets $50-$100 (Depending on complexity)
★ Stickers, extra assets and expression assets can be discussed.
★ Extra outfit + %50 of original price. (Depending on complexity, can be higher or lower.)
★ Extra hairstyles can be discussed.
★ Additional costs will vary, and will be discussed and adjusted with the client according to what is requested.
★ If you're commissioning for a company, prices will be adjusted accordingly.

In order to commission me, you must have a character reference sheet, or design. It can also be a full-body or half-body art of your character. I won't work with moodboards, or written descriptions. If you want me to design your character, check my design commissions! It's roughly around $500!
I also do ref-sheet commissions too, so you can check them aswell!


My own model, designed by me.

Commissioner: Nebi Neko

Commissioner: Hambino

Commissioner: Naruka

Design And Reference Sheet Commissions

For design commissions, you must have a moodboard, or a written description with several reference pictures. Detailed explanation of what you want if you're sure of what you want. If you want to leave things to me, no need for a strict written description.
For reference sheet commissions, I do up to 3 full bodies, from front, back and side view. You can tell me what you want me to put in the ref-sheet, like expressions, close-up of some complex clothing/accessories.
Check the samples below!


Design $500~
Ref-sheet $1000+


Commissioner: Senz

Commissioner: Kori Kat

Terms of Service and Workflow

Please read fully before contacting me for a commission

・I have the rights to refuse any project to my sole discretion.
・I will start drawing once full payment is made.
・Commission Applications will be taken via Google Forms. In the week following the closing of the applications, I will be contacting those whose applications were accepted.
・I require a 3-4 week window for finishing the project. This window starts when I begin your project, and not when you take a slot or are added to the waitlist.
・Once details are confirmed and the commission is ready to be accepted, I will send you an invoice for the payment.
・You can pay with PayPal or with credit card. (I prefer credit card.)
・I will ask if you are OK or not OK with me sharing progress publicly. Mostly on my Twitter.
・I will send you the initial sketch with base colors for confirmation before moving forward to lines and coloring. I may ask for additional information regarding the character design so that I can efficiently split up parts. Any delay in your replies will delay the project's completion.
・I will fix any issues that causes your rigger problems in the rigging process, just contact me!
・Once you purchase a model from me, you can commission new outfits, hairstyles, expressions etc. later on aswell.
・I have the right to initiate a refund if I am unable to complete your commission for any reason.
・Refunds are only available within 48 hours after I gave you a sketch.
・After the model art is completed, I will not do any changes unless they are very minor.
・Please do credit me on your socials, you can tag me!
・ Please do not alter my work without my permission.
・ If you use my art or design in unaltered fashion that are outside of the scope of use that is previously described it is expected that you contact me for permission and possibly engage in negotiation when it is a monetized format.